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The Lake County Bar Association strives to assist in, to safeguard and to improve the administration of justice for the benefit of the Courts, of the legal profession, and of the public.  We are here to help you.



PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE :  Senate Bill 263 took effect on March 20, 2019 giving the Secretary of State the authority to draft administrative rules and to implement a new notary process which will take effect in Ohio on September 20, 2019.   

The Notary Office will be unable to process new applicants under the current rules who are unable to TEST on the SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 TEST DATE.   
 renewal applications will be accepted after September 10, 2019. 

NEW PROCEDURES will begin September 20th, 2019. 
If you are renewing your commission or applying to become a notary public, you should obtain a criminal records background check from one of the sights on the
Attorney General’s website before you apply.