When You Need A Lawyer:

To save dollars and avoid costly legal problems down the road, consult with competent legal counsel before you sign contracts, make significant capital outlays, buy a house, or fire an employee.

Whether your legal needs are simple or sophisticated, business-related or personal, we can refer you to an attorney who will meet your needs.

Be smart... find a lawyer from a source you can trust:

Credibility... our bar association was founded in 1902, now serving the public in many ways, including lawyer referrals for many years.

Dedication... as a private, nonprofit service, we are dedicated to providing the public with access to justice and the legal system.

Find a lawyer you can work with and depend on:

At the Lake County Bar Association, we maintain high standards and require all participating attorneys meet rigorous qualification requirements.

Expertise... our attorneys have the know-how and savvy to advise and direct you through the legal maze of everyday life.

Affordability... participating attorneys provide up to one-half hour free consultation.

Security... all participating attorneys carry malpractice insurance in accordance with state laws.

Leadership... we are proud of our attorneys' community involvement.  Many participating attorneys are recognized authorities or certified specialists in their areas of practice.

If you need an attorney, the Attorney Referral Line is your reliable source.  You may call (440) 350-5800 or (440) 918-2180 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

 You can find attorneys for specific areas of concentration under our Attorney Listing page and you will find a complete roster of the Lake County Bar Association membership at the Members page.