1.      You must be a resident of Lake County, and 

2.      You must be registered to vote in your correct name and at your present address. For information on voter registration, please call the Lake County Board of Elections at (440) 350-2700 or (440) 918-2700.

3.      If you have ever been convicted of a felony, your application MAY be rejected. You must provide a copy of the charge and disposition.

Notary Commissions can be renewed no more than 30 days before your expiration date and within 180 days afterwards. Beyond 180 days, you must apply for a new notary public.

Renewal applications are taken IN PERSON at the Lake County Bar Office, located on the second floor of the Courthouse West Annex, 25 No. Park Place in downtown Painesville. The hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. ONLY, Monday through Friday. Renewals take about 30 minutes so please allow yourself enough time to complete the process.

Renewals are not taken by mail, and no one can pick up your renewal application for you.

You must have proof of your Commission, which is either the Certificate issued by the Secretary of the State of Ohio or the white, wallet-size card that you received from the Clerk of Courts when you recorded your Commission in Lake County. You will need names & home addresses of two (2) personal references, a picture ID such as a driver's license and a pen.


If you are a NEW resident of Lake County, please be sure your Notary Commission is recorded with the Clerk of Courts IN LAKE COUNTY before you begin the renewal process. The Clerk of Courts is located in the basement of the Lake County Courthouse-West Annex and their telephone number is (440) 350-2657 or (440) 918-2657. Cost of recording your commission is $6.00 and must be paid in cash or check.


Renewal                                                        $50.00                                  

May renew expired commission up to 180 days after expiration. After 180 days, must take the test again.

Replacement Book Only                              $7.50 (Available only to current notaries)